The Self Design Academy (EN)

Consulting Bureau for Deviant Behaviour (2018)

Tom Loois

Business card for consulting bureau for deviant behaviour

If everyone followed the (unwritten) rules, we would all get along fine. Wouldn’t we? Deviant behaviour sounds like something undesirable, something we should prevent. Sociologists, however, have a more nuanced view of the merits of acting like everybody else. The Adviesbureau voor Afwijkend Gedrag (Consulting Bureau for Deviant Behaviour) is a comical, confronting and accessible, activating audio tour that invites you to reconsider the conventional code of conduct in public space. Listening to notions of thinkers like Edwin Sutherland and Émile Durkheim, you are challenged to participate in deviant exercises. Take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself: am I a normal person?
Listen here to the podcast.

Commissioned by RAUM Utrecht and first executed during PLAYRAUM urban gaming festival.

About Tom Loois

Tom Loois is an Eindhoven-based designer, concept developer and curator whose wide-ranging projects include – but are not limited to – podcasts, exhibitions, audiotours, and social experiments. Common denominator within his projects, like The Object is AbsentEmbassy of IntimacyLuisterruit and For Play, is the pursuit of social connection and understanding, and the rethinking of conventions and ingrained patterns. Tom’s aim is to contribute to a world in which there is more room for vulnerability, wonder and intimacy.