The Self Design Academy (EN)

Self Contained Archives (2018)


Looking at yourself in the mirror is always an alienating experience. You see yourself the way others would see you, or how you imagine they would see you, and at the same time it is impossible to perceive yourself objectively. Situated at the intersection of subject and object, Self-Contained-Archives is inviting you to become aware of your constructed self-image and transform it. Through installation, sound, performance and optical illusion Penthouss aspires to break into the viewers’ self-archive by creating an extreme event, one in which the invisible observer becomes visible in the dazzling reflections around them. 

performers moving forward

About PentHouss

PentHouss is a conceptual multidisciplinary art hub established by artists Anna Lann & Jonathan Trichter. In their practice they reveal and explore philosophical and scientific notions, molding together different artistic mediums and disciplines and generating new art systems. Their works are presented in exhibitions at museums, exhibition spaces, theatres, and art galleries worldwide.