The Self Design Academy (EN)

LIMB-O (2020)

Marlot Meyer

To connect, understand, and respond to global issues, we need to be truly present. But how can we be truly present when our body is on the chair, and our mind has wandered off into alternative worlds through a screen? Our mind and body, and so our relation to the world, are out of balance. The interactive media installation LIMB-O accentuates the powers and dialogues that occur within our body, and our physical and digital environments. It produces a space where our intuition is encouraged to push us into a wider range of possible experiences. Technology can offer a new kind of perception: a networked, communal, travelling knowledge-making that eventually reminds us that we already know. 

As visitor you can interact with the installation, both on- and offline. When the artist is present, you become part of a larger whole in which your actions may set her body in motion. It is impossible to pinpoint specific actions or reactions as they are all entangled, communicating through live-streaming platforms, microprocessors, valves, compressed air, tubes, touch sensors, inflatables, bodies, electrical impulses and the Internet. When we start to realise this, the distinction between what we do, and what happens to us, is obliterated. We stop thinking about human behaviour as something that responds to the compulsion of an environment, and see the behaviour of the environment as an essential aspect of ourselves.

Photo by Boudewijn Bollmann

About Marlot Meyer

Marlot Meyer is an interactive media artist, whose inspiration and energy stems from her embodied experiences of life growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, and the curious contrast between this and the mediated world we live and communicate in and through today. Recently graduated from the Interactive / Media / Design Bachelor at the Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag, she uses her playful attitude towards technology as the driving force to understand and work with digital media, seeing it not through the eyes of a coder, but as a toolmaker and communicator, and technology the means to do so. Her creative process is intuitive, with the goal to create an experience where questions do not have to be answered, but rather explored, expanded, and connected. Working closely with both physical and digital media, the body and the environment, she is able to explore the boundaries and liminal space between the two, and to invite others to explore their own bodies through experiencing her work.

Photo by Boudewijn Bollmann