The Self Design Academy (EN)

Living Alone (Together) (2020)

Hanneke Wetzer

Me & Nadiah (2020)

A lockdown is announced and you are single. You don't have anyone to cuddle with during all those lonely months. What to do? I found my personal solution to the lockdown loneliness in a search for a partner in crime so both of us could remain mentally healthy. Since flights were already canceled, I was forced to send my bff Nadiah over by mail. Now that she's here, we have a lot of support from each other, and we share all the little moments of happiness. Everything was going great until a serious leakage made our case unlivable. Fortunately, MU still had some place we can stay while we wait for the plumbers to fix the leak.

About Hanneke Wetzer

Hanneke Wetzer (Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 1979) graduated from the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht as illustrative designer. She works as a multidisciplinary visual artist: photographer, illustrator, performance artist and co-curator. Her oeuvre is an appeal to challenge the constraints of conventional thinking. All aesthetics are underpinned by an undercurrent of our innermost cravings and fears. Wetzer focuses on themes such as identity, privacy, gender- and neurodiversity. The world she creates always looks different; from clinical, surreal alienations to cuteness with a naughty dose of humor.