The Self Design Academy (EN)

Melding (2020)

Briony O Clarke

Abstract soft ice cream object

Melding is an experiential design process modelled on Carl Jung’s therapeutic technique of active imagination. Briony is offering bookable online 20-minute sessions to work collaboratively with individuals through the four-stage process that she has developed to create a new conceptual object to take away. This may be physical (an object, a script, a poem, a font) or virtual (a game, an amazon review, a Minecraft object, a journey through google) – what is created is entirely dependent on what arises during the session. Book your session here.

Attachment Theatre (2020)

Many of our relations to the world around us are not experienced consciously: we do not know why we respond to the sound of rain, or to the west wind. In Attachment Theatre, Briony O Clarke visualises these unconscious relations through special objects that represent connections of personal meaning. Using modern data technology, she adds dreams, thoughts and imagination to the growing internet of things. 

hand on speaker-like object, a so-called attachment device

About Briony O Clarke

Moving across disciplines, modes of thinking and making, including speculation, design fiction and depth psychology, she works through her practice in an exploratory way as a mode of therapy, actively seeking moments to take a constructive approach towards the psychic image. Design methodologies are investigated as therapeutic tools, ways of summoning, re-imagining and experimenting with possible futures by making conceptual design objects and scenarios that pull experientially into it. 

Her ongoing research explores how hyper objects – such as the unconscious – may be consciously confronted through their effects, mediated through technology in the context and scale of everyday life. She is currently working on her practice as research PhD at the University of Essex where she is extending Carl Jung’s therapeutic technique of active imagination to new media via speculative game design.