The Self Design Academy (EN) (2020)

Brigitte Jansen

Mindfulness and meditation are seen by more and more people as our salvation of digital online life. Does technology affect us too much and are we therefore looking for Zen masters and yoga teachers who can influence and adjust our thoughts?

The work brings meditation and our online world closer together. The work, a triptych of websites, brings some extra Zen to your life. is an investigation into the here and now of the digital world. It explores the physical acts of meditation and online interactions in order to connect these worlds closer. This way everyone can do a light meditation within their online lifestyle. It gives calmness in the social media storm.

Photo by Boudewijn Bollmann

About Brigitte Jansen

Brigitte Jansen is a graphic designer and project leader in the cultural sector. Her work focuses on research, experimentation and new forms of learning. Growing up as a 90's kid, she has a strong love for remix culture, digital culture, GIFs and cat videos. As a designer, Brigitte is interested in combining forms of interaction from the physical and digital world. This way she emphasizes everyday interactions in her work. Brigitte designs with a trial-and-error approach and works in an interdisciplinary manner: she designs websites and posters, but also museum installations and publications. She regularly uses found footage and cultural heritage in her work.

Website development: Hay Kranen
Animation: Max Peterse
Voice-over: Loulalove