The Self Design Academy (EN)

Landscape as House (2018)

Anna Maria Fink

Landscape as House (8:26 min, 2018) is a short film that tells about an approach to self-design as a new form of topographic living in the alps. It is the personal investigation of Anna Maria Fink to animate her family's land in Austria by means of a fragmented house, scattered over the landscape. Through the seasons of one year, filmmaker Elf Godefroy followed Anna on her fictional daily route from room to room capturing the physical engagement with the landscape. This walk is Anna’s personal exploration of what it means to live in a landscape: to experience it, animate it and learn from it, every day.

Still Anna in Landscape
Still from video

walk, play, collect, care and inhabit (2020)

The additional practice booklet stimulates the viewer to explore Anna’s approach within their own living environment - to imagine oneself inhabiting a piece of landscape close to one’s home: like a garden, a park, a nature reserve etc. A series of short guided practices trigger one’s engagement with a place and offer an open method to build and strengthen a personal, spatial relationship. Through these interactions one prepares to imagine a familiar environment as their own ‘Landscape as House’.

Still from video

About Anna Maria Fink

Anna Maria Fink (born 1987 in the mountains of the Bregenzerwald, Austria) is a landscape architect, researcher and teacher based in Amsterdam. Working for landscape architecture offices Bauchplan (Vienna) and Bureay B+B (Amsterdam) Anna has gained experience in designing and executing complex projects in the urban landscape. In 2019 she founded her own studio ‘Atelier Fischbach’ where she investigates the relationship between people and landscapes. Therefore, fieldwork as physical engagement with places is at the heart of her practice. Through various visual media Anna reflects on the specific routines and rituals that constitute ‘topographic living’ – a life bound to place. Recently Anna has made work for the municipality of Amsterdam (book Playing in the City), publisher Architectura & Natura (book Landscape as House) and Wrocław Museum of Architecture (exhibition participation) amongst many others.