The Self Design Academy (EN)

Long version of the live performance Pan ~// Catwalk by Zwermers

  • 19:30 — 22:00
  • Offline performance at MU

Saturday 17 October, Zwermers presents the long version (70 minutes) of Pan ~ // Catwalk: a performance project about humanity’s multicoloured nature. 

From worn-down jeans jacket to extravagant glitter dress: our attire is an expression of who we are, want to be, and sometimes have to be. What does that second skin convey about us? Do people wear clothes or are people being worn by their clothes? The makers of Zwermers are fascinated by the force of this second skin. The company pays tribute to our colourful and protean species with an installation that regularly springs to life in a performance. You, the viewer, are taken along by two performers in a constant stream of outfit changes, supported by the repetitive soundtrack of a one-man-orchestra playing violin and walkstation.

Pan~// Catwalk plays on the human inclination to label anything we see. This project both stimulates and undermines that urge. The continuous getting in and out of outfits results in an enumeration of all kinds of ‘people’. The project isn’t judging the various types of people, but shows our identity’s fluidity by an incessant change of dress.

Doors open: 19.30 | Start performance: 20.00 | End performance: 21.10 | Tickets 5,- regular & 2,50 students via Eventbrite