The Self Design Academy (EN)

Live performance Pan ~ // Catwalk by Zwermers & Film screening Novel by Carmen Roca Igual

  • 19:30 — 22:00
  • Live performance, offline at MU

Thursday 24 September, Zwermers presents Pan ~ // Catwalk: a performance project about humanity’s multicoloured nature. While we can attend this live in MU, visitors of Istanbul Fringe Festival can watch with us via a live stream. After the performance, we will screen Novel by Carmen Roca Igual, followed by a short discussion by the maker.

This evening kicks off the The Self Design Academy Share programme with webinars, workshops and talks, which can be followed both offline at MU and online on the site. Keep an eye on this website for more info.

Live performance Pan ~ // Catwalk during the opening of The Self Design Academy

Pan ~ // Catwalk by Zwermers
From worn-down jeans jacket to extravagant glitter dress: our attire is an expression of who we are, want to be, and sometimes have to be. What does that second skin convey about us? Do people wear clothes or are people being worn by their clothes? The makers of Zwermers are fascinated by the force of this second skin. The company pays tribute to our colourful and protean species with an installation that regularly springs to life in a performance. You, the viewer, are taken along by two performers in a constant stream of outfit changes, supported by the repetitive soundtrack of a one-man-orchestra playing violin and walkstation. For the duration of The Self Design Acamdey, the makers will look for typical Eindhoven clothing identities, which they will translate in a new performance to close the exhibition.

Novel by Carmen Roca Igual
Carmen is a lens-based artist working between the arts and the film world. Her work resurfaces the meaning of getting to know oneself by trying on different personas, Face Filters and plastic surgery. Embracing change as an inner dialogue. During the years she's mostly worked behind the camera filming hours of her Spanish family members gossiping meaningfully. She's also participated in other films creating and helping with the set design, costumes, lights and emotions shown on screen. 

Novel is a dramatic musing on the external and internal masks we choose to put on. In the real world and in the digital. The characters (Lola, Rosa, Carmen and her Mother) are stuck at home, struggling with inner dramas. Before long they question their own self-image out loud as they begin to gossip with their selfies and inanimate objects. The girls go through an introspective journey, in a quarantine, accompanied by their phones and devices. New media invents new gestures — like the flickering of a Face Filter with a slight tilt of the head to put our masks back on. Carmen talks into the frontal camera because she thinks it sees something other cameras can’t. It’s intimate. Their method of communication, gossip, transcends the more they talk to their selfie selves.

Door open: 19.30 | Start performance: 20.00 | Break: 20.30 | Movie + Q&A: 20.45 | Tickets: 5,- / 2,50 students

Novel by Carmen Roca Igual