The Self Design Academy (EN)

#2 Karaoke Discourse: Objects of Contention

  • 20:00 — 21:00
  • Online via a livestream & Zoom

In collaboration with MU Hybrid Art House, Karaoke Discourse presents a series of online events during Dutch Design Week 2020. Join us online on Monday 19, Wednesday 21 and Friday 23 October at 20.00 sharp for three evenings full of ‘misunderstandings’. Through performances, quiz shows, face-swapping, conference calls and group discussions we make sense of the complex world around us and the role that objects and media play in it!

Karaoke Discourse is a collective of designers creating discourse through design. They organize events and exhibitions relating to themes and issues in public debate and build a platform to discuss the discursive and speculative side of design.

#2 Objects of Contention
Do you buy a scooter to move around or to impress your friends? Almost all of the objects that surround us possess a symbolic layer next to their functional value. With some, like luxurious cars, pretty much everyone agrees on what they represent. With others, opinions diverge to an extent where it becomes questionable whether the opposing groups still talk about the same object.

We invite four ‘ultimate objects of contention’ this evening, can you already guess what they are? We won’t tell you right away, but reveal them throughout a performative quiz show. Giving hints on their social implications rather than their shiny looks, the guessing will be up to you. And rather than a prize, you might leave our show with an awakened eye for the political layer looming over objects of daily use.

When: Wednesday 21 October | Start: 20.00 | Follow the program online via Zoom | The evening will be English spoken 

Join us for three evenings full of 'misunderstandings'