The Self Design Academy (EN)

#1 Karaoke Discourse: Design Ethics Exorcism

  • 20:00 — 21:00
  • Online via a livestream & Zoom

In collaboration with MU Hybrid Art House, Karaoke Discourse presents a series of online events during Dutch Design Week 2020. Join us online on Monday 19, Wednesday 21 and Friday 23 October at 20.00 sharp for three evenings full of ‘misunderstandings’. Through performances, quiz shows, face-swapping, conference calls and group discussions we make sense of the complex world around us and the role that objects and media play in it.

Karaoke Discourse is a collective of designers creating discourse through design. They organize events and exhibitions relating to themes and issues in public debate and build a platform to discuss the discursive and speculative side of design.

#1 Design Ethics Exorcism
Objects and products are filled with intent. In their studio spaces, designers imagine what consumers need and come up with all sorts of smart answers and solutions for instance ergonomic toothbrushes, self-cleaning toilet seats, compact vacuum cleaners or self-driving cars. But what happens when these products are misunderstood by the consumers they are supposed to be designed for? And even more importantly so: who is responsible for this implicit misunderstanding between intention and perception? 

Join us on a spiritual quest to drive out bad spirits and misconceptions from the objects and products we surround us with every day. Help us to interrogate the famous designers responsible for these misunderstandings during a performative program and discuss the ethical dilemmas their creations pose. Let us free both our material and spiritual surroundings!

When: Monday 19 October | Start: 20.00 | Follow the program online via Zoom | The evening will be English spoken